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Our focus is to deliver high quality, clinically proven medical, aesthetic and therapeutic devices, products and technologies to the Canadian market.

Our Business

The Nugen-Rx Group is an importer, distributor and clinical educator for plastic surgeons, dermatologists and other aesthetics professionals in Canada. We proudly provide the industry with innovative equipment and dermo-active skincare products that represent the leading edge of new technology and science. 

Four elements of our business model

Product Ideas

Well researched product sales ideas are presented to clients with the value-added approach.

Order and delivery

Receiving orders are processing with secure packaging and prompt delivery.

Discussion with clients

Educational and consultative selling approach delivered with less client’s resistance resulting in enhance receptive and satisfaction.

Clients satisfaction

Clients’ satisfaction confirmation and understanding will generate more repeat sales.

Our Synergy Team


Well experienced principals with over 75 years of hard work results in Canadian medical and aesthetic industry.


In-depth understanding and knowledge of regulatory, industry and government required details.


In-house information database of large volume of contacting business for sales and marketing campaigns.


Seasoned and delegated sales professionals, product trainers and a large network of sales associates.

Why working with us?

Why work with us?

  • Industry experience

  • Consultative approach service

  • Proven track record of securing all necessary Health Canada approvals and compliance procedures in a timely manner

  • We are versed in all areas and levels of regulatory affairs:

    • GMP / USP / ISO

    • Health Canada compliance

    • Medical endorsements, monographs, clinical trials

    • Our training programs play a vital role in our success. We offer on-site and remote learning opportunities that contribute to the advancement of the medical aesthetic profession

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335 – 155 East Beaver Creek Road, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada        L4B 2N1

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(416) 661-8922, ext. 330
(416) 262-7527